About Us

At A Glance

Elite investors is a platform for individuals, groups and community of people who are willing to improve their financial status through savings and investments.


To see individuals achieve a quantum leap income of at least 2 Million to 5 Million (Two/Five Million) every six months.

The Elite Investors

How It Works

Elite investors board is a 2×3 matrix system with an 8 – 1 payout structure.

Step 1

Invest a One Time Non-Refundable fee of 100,000 naira and invite 2 (two) people to do the same, which makes up level 1 (2 investors)

Step 2

The two investors invited in step 1 also invite their 2 people each, which makes up level 2 (4 investors.)

Step 3

The four investors invited in step 2 invites their 2 people each to invest their 100,000 naira each, which makes up level 3 (8 investors)

Step 4

You will in turn cash out with 800,000 naira of which you will mandatorily re-invest 100,000 naira into the elite investors board, pay the sum of 10,000 naira administrative fees and then go home with the sum of 690,000 naira.

The above steps are legally binding on all investors and your electronic signature validates this agreement.


Get electronics and household appliances with no equity contribution at pick up. First payment at the end of the month and spread balance over 5 months.

Buy a brand new car of your choice and pay within 12 months

Hectare 360 land deal for as low as N3.3 million. Pay within 15 months instead of 12 months. Locations are Idu, Life Camp and Jahi.

Get a plot of land worth N5m for N2.2m

Other Benefits



Dominate the Nigerian Market


Earn in Dollars


Product Pricing

Sales Techniques

Investment Opportunities

Business Travels

Business Showers

Important Tips

Platforms and Structures are managed by the administrator

Boards are updated by the administrator

Be responsible for your invitees

Work at your own pace

It's not a get rich quick scheme