Check out some of the frequently asked questions

It’s a contribution system which runs a 2×3 matrix system to create a recurring stream of income for individuals in turn birthing financially independent people.

It is very sustainable because there is an automatic reentry by every member who has cashed out, we have a central payment system, we have a self development arm, we have an investment arm, we have a Corporative Society and we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

It is a growing community therefore it is compulsory you introduce 2 people into the community. While you are working on getting your 2 there can be spill overs from your team members but you must introduce your 2 before you cash out.

We do not have a refund policy because our system is tested and trusted.

You are only obligated to bring 2 people and so is everyone in the community.

There is no time frame. There is no pressure. This completely depends on how fast you and your team can complete your circle.

The Investment Capital is a N100,000 non-refundable fee and the cash out amount is N800,000

This is the Jewish contribution system.

There is no such thing. Our upcoming products are complementary upon registration and if you like you can buy for personal use or for resale.

Your cash out money is credited automatically to the account you provided upon registration.

Elite Investors came into existence on the 7th of February, 2021.

They are placed directly under your board upon registration and are also expected to introduce their two into the community.

The system is very reliable. We run a straight forward and easy to understand system. The administration is ran on a check and balance rule.

Yes we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission as THE ELITE BUSINESS MINDS ASSOCIATES LIMITED.

It is not compulsory but bringing in more people will make you cash out faster.

Yes. Two people can share an investment slot investing 50 % each.

Someone must have told you about the community but in the case where you walked into the office by yourself, you will be placed under the community member who followed up with you until you registered.

You will be placed underneath the board of your circle members in the community.

Yes. The office is located at Suite C17, Platinum Mega Plaza Opposite Mabushi Market, Jahi, Abuja, Nigeria.